Are you looking to brand a new product / service, or even re-brand, and finding it increasingly difficult to find an easily protectable (and rememberable) name? You are not alone.

Trade Mark Registers throughout the world are cluttered with marks, some that are in use and a whole lot that are not. This makes it frustrating when trying to create, and protect, a unique and original brand. It can seem that every mark is taken.

This is where expert advice is crucial and can help find that one (or more) unique brand. It is extremely important that any new brand is adequately checked, and protected, before it is put to use. Otherwise, you risk challenges once the brand has launched, which can be embarrassing and costly (particularly if they result in a re-brand!). An expert can either identify that unique brand or provide you with alternatives on how to use the proposed brand distinctly to reduce or remove the risk of challenge.

If you need assistance with your branding, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to be a part of the process to finding your original brand and help you be better protected.