A very interesting side effect of our Covid-19 self isolation status is the amount of opt outs clients are receiving. It seems that now that people have the time, they are going through their inboxes and separating the wheat from the chaff, opting out from what they are not interested in (as if to say: it's cluttering my inbox, thank you very much).

In my mind, the fact that consumers are taking the time to do this is good news for companies because:

  • The quality of your leads will be better: people are not just putting your carefully crafted marketing message in their spam folder, they are giving you feedback. It is safe to assume that those who do not opt out are, in fact, interested in receiving marketing from you; 
  • More people are actually taking the time to read content: which means that with a good product and quality marketing messaging, you may be able to sell better to an eager audience as well as consolidate your customer base; and
  •  There is an opportunity to try new stuff: as a lot of your audience is actually paying attention, now is the time to try out new stuff - it is a unique opportunity to engage with an audience that is spending so much free time online and improve your offerings and online presence.

And this is what we mean when we say that privacy helps businesses by creating opportunities, as well as upholding user rights. A quality win for everyone involved.