Given the UK's General Election results, it would appear that Brexit is now a certainty. 

However, as the Conservative Party have a significant majority, meaning it is highly likely that the Withdrawal Agreement will now pass through government, it would appear that 'no-deal' may be off the table (at least in the short term). 

In this regard, the Withdrawal Agreement contains a transitional period in which the UK, despite leaving the EU (currently set for 31 January 2020), remains bound by EU rules in order to allow a trade deal to be agreed. The exact expiry date of the transitional period has not yet been agreed.

What does this mean in respect of EU trade marks, designs and domain names? Assuming that 'no-deal' is no longer imminent, brand owners now have some breathing space and further time to review their portfolios and prepare a clear strategy for future protection in the UK and EU. Kemp Little can assist with this process to ensure that brand owners are Better Protected regardless of the outcome of Brexit. 

For more detailed information regarding Brexit and trade marks, designs and domain names, please see this article.